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The Photizo Home Care series operates with a rechargeable internal battery or mains power supply.

To turn on, click the power button. The charging light will come on and the device will beep twice.

Apply the front LEDs to the treatment area as shown below.

Once the treatment cycle is complete, the beep sounds twice and turns off automatically.

The lens of the Photizo unit may heat up with repeated treatment cycles, you can feel more heat in the area with more challenging and chronic issues, due to the reflection of the energy that are starting to be produced in the area of concern. Same amount of treatment made to another part of the body, may not feel the same heat. The Photizo unit itself, does not generate heat.

If it gets hot and uncomfortable to touch, stop treatment for several minutes to allow it to cool before resuming.

To shut down the device during a treatment cycle, press and hold the power button for 1 second. The LED on the power button may remain green for a short period after the processing cycle has stopped.


When the battery is powered, the charge indicator light is on in continuous green during the cycle and off when not in use. You can see the battery capacity you have left buy the green indicator light, have a bright light on the left or right side.
If the indicator light has a bright light on the left side, it means you have recently charged the device, and.
If the indicator light has a bright light on the right side, this means that you need to charge the unit soon.


When plugging into the mains power to charge, the unit will beep once and after a 3-second delay the power button LED will flash green until the unit is fully charged, at which point the LED will remain solid green.

When the mains power is disconnected, the unit beeps once and the power button LED goes off.


Photizo Home Care devices will provide about 1 hour and 30 minutes of continuous treatment from every full charge. If you are using Photizo in cold weather, please note that this may reduce the number of doses per full charge.

The Photizo Home Care uses high capacity NiMH rechargeable cells. Like all rechargeable batteries, capacity will deplete over time and the number of doses between charges will decrease. When battery capacity is insufficient, the internal battery can be replaced. Please contact your local distributor for a quotation to install a new battery.

Storing an unused Photizo for more than three months should be done with the battery fully charged as it may otherwise result in a damaged battery.

User Guide in English

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