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PhotoBioModulation (PBM) Light therapy is becoming a very popular alternative for many equine ailments, from arthritis to muscle injury to wound healing. Here’s how it works and why it’s worth considering brining into your clinic.

What is PhotoBioModulation?

PBM Light therapy has been used as an alternative treatment in animal medicine for over two decades, knows as a safe, gentle and effective method of healing. “


Drug Free Therapy for Horses
A study carried out on fourteen horses in 1987 found that red and infrared light therapy alleviated chronic back pain. The horses had been unable to perform at their expected standards due to longstanding back pain. Ten of the fourteen horses experienced an improvement in their back pain that was so significant they were able to return to training and competitions.(1)

Influence of PBM therapy on an equine metacarpal wound healing model another study found that horses with soft tissue injuries heal significantly faster when treated with a red light wavelength of 635nm.
The study’s authors concluded that red light therapy promoted tissue regeneration while reducing inflammation and pain. 

Photizo 641- Equnie light therapy is gaining popularity as a non-invasive therapeutic way to help a range of ailments. From wound healing and  back pain to helping muscle inflammation. The effects are being seen with equine red and near-infrared therapeutic light  helping horses around the world.


How it works Using PMB?
Photizo 641- Equnie penetrates the horses’ skin, blood, muscle and bone using specific wavelengths of photons. The photoreceptors in the horses’ cells absorb this light energy, which enhances the healing process by giving the cells a boost of energy.
Various wavelengths reach different layers of tissue. Red light  is efficiently absorbed by tissue rich in hemoglobin, and is beneficial for healing surface wounds and stimulating acupressure points.

Infrared light lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths, just like visible light has wavelengths that range from red light to violet.
Near infrared light is closest in wavelength to visible light and "far infrared" is closer to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Near-infrared have  light is able to pass through to deeper tissues such as tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscle. Photizo ®641 Equine have the Ideally combination of both red and near-infrared light with high peak performance irradiation, and therefore the photons are delivered on the depth where its needed.

Photizo ®641 Equine, is a professional PhotoBioModulation light device with pre-programmed, unique and effective doses of near infrared and red LED light, for horses.

The light is produced by high-intensity LED, a light that is known to be useful in, pain management, treatment of wounds and inflammatory conditions.


This machine ensures that the correct and most effective amount of joules are delivered to the affected area in an accurate and easy way.

Photizo® professional has built-in treatment programs for some of the most common problems that have proven to have great utility and effectiveness of therapeutic phototherapy treatment. Carefully read the diagrams and treatment forms, showing which program to use.



Correct light strength probes ensure short and efficient turnarounds. Treatment should only be done once a day (once very 24 hours), while some pain treatments may benefit from twice a day (every 12 hours). Each unit is portable and rechargeable batteries.


Power Pack is optional, and can be used in a simple and stylish hip bag. Power Pack gives you the opportunity to use the large strobe 1200nw without electrical wiring and power outlets. The light emitting probes is robust and the Photizo® Light Therapy device is designed to operate under the conditions in trauma units, districts and veterinary clinics. Portable battery pack: enables user to use the 1200mW probe away from mains power.


The Photizo® 641 boasts a 150 mW small probe for treating small or difficult to access areas.
The small pen probe with red light 634nm, is perfect for treating acupuncture points, ears, eyes,dental issues and  soft tissue repair inside or outside  the lip, or any other area that is difficult to reach with the large probe.

The High-power 1200 mW  red and near-infrared probe provide you with a greater treatment surface for treating large areas.

Photizo 641- Equnie PBM for Professionals

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  • Wavelengths: 625nm red, 634nm red and 850nm near infrared

    Power Pen Probe: 150 mW

    Power Main Probe: 1200 mW

    Radiant energy: 2-8 Joule Peak output

    Pen Probe: 180 mW / cm2

    Peak output Main Probe: 190 mW / cm2

    Beam area Pen Probe: 1,2 cm close contact approach

    Beam area Main Probe: 16 cm close contact approach

    Beam area Pen Probe: 4-10 cm distant approach

    Beam area Main Probe : 30-50 cm distant approach

    Exposure time: 16-41 seconds

    Equipment class: Class II


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