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How to Improve the Horse’s Recovery?

In the same way that people are looking for safe and natural, non-medical treatments for diseases and injuries, many horse owners are interested in PhotoBioModulation (BPM) light therapy and other alternative options for their equine friends. BPM light therapy allows them to use the same healing wavelengths that effectively address many human health conditions to help their horses heal faster and maximize their performance.

How get Back on the track more quickly?

In competitive horses in particular, leg and back injuries are common and healing can be difficult and expensive.Long-term healing and forced rest can cause a ripple effect of physical and psychological problems for the horse, which can delay or prevent a return to competition,and vet bills can easily add up to thousands of euros.

Now, horse owners are able to provide red and near-infrared light therapy at home. Uniform application supports the body's natural healing mechanisms, accelerating the treatment of diseases like:

  • Joint pain (from osteoarthritis, or overuse injury that has led to cartilage degradation),

  • Wounds,

  • Connective tissue injuries (sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons),

  • Muscle injuries (strains and tears),

  • Cartilage degradation (caused by osteoarthritis or overuse),

  • Muscle recovery from training,

  • Back pain,

  • Inflammation,

  • Neuropathy and neuropathic pain.

"How can recovery be improved in order to reach an excellent physical condition to train a horse?"

An easy and fast recovery will show an optimal level of fitness, and therefore an excellent recovery during heavy jobs. How to improve recovery in order to reach a great physical condition to train a horse to run?

This very frequent question has no universal answer, since every horse has its own physiology, but here are some red and near-infrared tools, which can help accelerate the restoration of the horse, for example the legLIGHT from Photonic Lights, or the Photizo Vetcare.


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